What is carbon farming and how can we help farmers to enable and appreciate this form of carbon storage? That question was central to the Carbon Farming event on March 18, organized by the Regenerative Farming programme.

We came together with no fewer than 110 scientists, farmers, policymakers and experts from all over Europe to discuss the future of carbon farming. Bringing these parties together led to a lot of recommendations and points of attention for the future of carbon farming. Rely on the expertise of farmers and provide appreciation and long-term perspective for farmers who want to capture carbon so that they can make the necessary investment. And look at the climate gain on the entire farm.

Download the presentations that were held during the event here:

Climate Neutrality Challenge for Dutch Agriculture - Wouter-Jan Schouten (TiFN) Breakout-sessie A: Changethe system. Policies for carbon farming - Jean-Baptiste Dolle (CARBON AGRI) Breakout-sessie B: Carbon Farming in practice. Shaping the market & business models - Marjon Krol (Carbon Farming) Breakout-sessie C: Wholefarm carbon neutrality? - Rogier Schulte (Wageningen University) Breakout-sessie D: Carbonsequestration accounting systems: Do’s and Don’ts -
Pablo Modernel & Marlies Zonderland-Thomassen (Carbon sequestration accounting)
Breakout-sessie E: Quantifyingthe impact of regenerative practices - Jan Maarten Dros (Wij.land) Conclusions and Insights Visualisation  Report